This Is What MTL DJs Would Look Like If They Were Trees

DJs are ALOT like trees. It’s a fact. But did you know that for each tree, there’s a DJ? Here are some of MTL‘s very own DJs if they were trees!

DJ Mary Hell

Total cedar tree. Astounding! Can you even tell which is the tree and which is Mary Hell?

DJ Tommy Kruise

Source Torontogrillz

Source Torontogrillz

It’s all about the hair for this one. Weeping willow is TK!

DJ Mathieu Beauséjour

Source Camuz

Source Camuz

EVERYBODY started screaming “CEDAR TREE!!!” as soon as we mentioned him… but, to be frank an Oak tree is what Mathieu Beauséjour looks like the most.

DJ Abeille

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Who is this girl? In any case, she looks just like our great Canadian maple tree! Plus, her name means “bee”, bees love honey and maple syrup is sort of like honey, right?

DJ Annie Q

Source Annie's Twitter

Source Annie’s Twitter

Do we really have to explain this one? Fine. Well, euc-A-lypitus, A-nnie. See it now? Perfect match.

DJ Cherry Cola

Scroll to the image. Scroll up. Scroll down. Scroll up. Scroll down. Scroll up. Scroll down. Point made.


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