Pick A Baegel – Discover What It Says About You!

Baegels are SOOO MTL. And baegels say alot about people, if you come to think of it. Let’s make a fun test! Pick a baegel and discover what it says about you!


If you chose the “everything” baegel, you are a person who likes everything!


If you picked sesame, maybe it’s because when you were a kid, you watched Sesame Street. Remember Big Bird? LOL! Yeah, you definetly are an SS fan.


Picked poppy? What the fuck is wrong with you? You’re a despicable human being.

Whole Wheat

Ahhh, good ol’ whole wheat! You must be a Gemini!


You put salt on everything, don’t you? Everything tastes bland. When people say it’s sunny outside, you don’t even see the point of being so happy about “weather”. It’s all the same anyways, ain’t it? We all die. We ALL die.

Cinnamon & Raisin

Look at the wild-card! You’re unpredictable! You’re the king/queen of the parties! You turn everything into gold when you touch it. Your breath smells nice. It smells like cinnamon. Mmm, cinnamon. You’re the best.


Total hipster. You’ll stop liking this one once it becomes popular — probably turn to the salt baegels.


You like biking, you enjoy a good time out at the movies. You prefer PC to Mac and you always make smart economic choices.

Sunflower Seed

You probably are a bae.


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