5 Types Of Girls You Should Totally Admire And Want To Date

Looking at a woman is so amazing, am I right? I’m so right. I know I am. It makes you want to say “WOW, I wish I could tap that thang!”. It’s even better when she looks like a professional full of success. As a beautiful, young and successful professional, I know many things about what kind of girl is best for you. If you are ugly though, you might not be their type… So, work hard at not being ugly and you might get a shot.

I’ve done some hardcore research you guys? And I found 5 Types Of Girls You Should Totally Admire And Want To Date

5. Thin Girls

Fat girls are fat and sometimes they smell? Very unprofessional? You should date a skinny or thin girl. They are MUCH better than the others and they’re smart enough to keep a good diet and not get fat.

4. Funny Girls

Image source: Instagram

Image source: Instagram

Ha-ha! That’s not how you’re supposed to ride a bike! She knows that, she is being funny? You didn’t think it was funny? Then you have no idea what is funny. Funny girls are funny because they are smart and they have success. Just look at Ilisa Shlesinger! She knows what she’s doing, she’s hot AND she’s the funniest comedian on the planet!

3. Russian Girls

Image source: Instagram

Image source: Instagram

Exotic girls know best. Russian girls are very exotic and wise? Most of the Russian girls you will meet at McGill grew up in Chomedey but don’t let that stop you. Chomedey culture is very exotic.

2. Blonde Girls

Photo cred: Christel Melissa Mulongoy (www.irinatee.com)

Photo cred: Christel Melissa Mulongoy (www.irinatee.com)

Do blondes actually have more fun? Oh yes they do. I feel like blondes don’t get enough credit for their awesomeness. Some guys will say that they prefer red heads or brunettes, but a girl with bright blonde hair will still make them double take. Think about it, you know so many classic beauties whose locks are the color of the sun: Taylor Swift, Candice Swanepoel, Giselle, etc. If you’re still not convinced, here are ten more reasons why blondes are the best:

1: Blogger Girls

Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

Blogger girls are smart and successful. Some make make-up tootoorials, some make song covers and some talk for a very very long time and these girls are very smart and good looking. It makes them very successful because they work super hard at it. You should admire them, envy them and cry when they finally answer your comment. They are the best?

Montreal City Will Provide Heated Bike Paths This Winter

Photo taken directly off a kid's pocket along with his lunch-money.

Photo taken directly off a kid’s pocket along with his lunch-money.

In MTL, we have hardcore-cyclists. It’s probably a fact. They even bike in Winter, sometimes. Crazy! Well, HCCyclists, rejoice: Montreal could maybe provide heated bike paths, in theory!

“Some cities simply flatten the snow, others want to see asphalt” discovered M. Van Neste on the web. Could this mean MTL could maybe have it’s very-own heated bike path? It could. Van Neste is a pretty official-sounding name, we think!

At SoooMTL, we hate to start rumors. That’s why we verified this info with a guy. He said “I still can’t believe my grandson is a journalist! I’m so proud of you, boy! Great work”.


A Customer Was Spotted At Le Phillies Cheesesteak In The Mile End

If you’ve ever been in the Mile End, then you might have noticed that there is a variety of businesses there. People living in Mile End know that. Among these businesses is “Le Phillies Cheesesteak“.

For months now, people have been scratching their heads, standing in front of the building’s window: “What is it they’re selling? Why is it always empty?”. Today, everything changedmaybe. One of our interns, while she was riding her Bixi on the sidewalk and talking to us on her phone, noticed a customer inside the Phillies. She immediately stopped to observe. So what is Le Phillies Cheesesteak?

Image source: RestoMontreal.ca

Image source: RestoMontreal.ca

As the customer exited the Phillies, our unpaid intern started asking the important questions.

So what is this place? Is it a store?

“I don’t know.”

Did you buy food there? Do they make food?

“There was kind of a smell in there. It smelled–”

Could you describe that smell to us?

“What do you mean ‘us’?”

I’m sorry, I’m a journalist? This is an interview?

“No you’re not.”

So from our first source: Le Phillies Cheesesteak smells.

SECOND customer was spotted inside, but it ended up being someone on the TV hanging on the wall.

Here Is A Desktop Background Using That Incredible Picture Of MTL!

Here is a cool D.I.Y. project for you guys in MTL! Save that incredible airshot of MTL and set it as your background image! Amazing! Some things can be so simple sometimes… Breath-taking view everytime you close all your windows!

Here is the final result on my desktop (click it for full-size experience):

Source: My computre!

Source: My computre!

This New Spot Might Be MTL’s Hottest Spot To Sit In MTL Right Now

Taking a seat at a hot location is hard to do sometimes. Sitting is something everyone likes to do. Share this article if you agree.

Located in the heart of the Mile-End (also known as Petite-Toronto), on the corner of THE MAIN and Saint-Viatour Streets, this seating spot is not only eco-friendly (it’s made out of a big container for trains) but it is also tasteful and artsy. At SoooMTL, we LOVE the arts!

No drinking or smoking is allowed on this sweet, sweet spot, but it’s a really nice place to take a seat and watch cars, buses and also trucks go by!

Photo cred: Chad's Canon Rebel

Photo cred: Chad’s Canon Rebel

Jacque Parizeau Has Left Us Today At 84 Years Old

Today, we mourn the death of a great, great man.

Source: www.exruefrontenac.com

Jacques Parizeau (French pronunciation: ​[ʒɑk parizo]), owner of La Parize, MTL’s BEST poutine ever, has left us.

Jacques has also invented the concept of banking and he was a pionneer of canadian democracy, the first to allow immigrants to vote through a motion that will always be remembered as “the ethnic vote“.

Rest In Peace, Jack. You were the best.

Last Night’s Drake Show Was So Baws We Don’t Remember Anything

Photo stolen directly on your Instagram.

Photo stolen directly on your Instagram.

What happen?


Drizzy Drake, ‘m’I right?
Reach for your dreams, you guys.

Maybe This Might Be The Best Place For Eating Ever In A Good Circumferencial Area, Chances Are

Statistically speaking, many restaurants are appropriate for dates, as they provide food, light and staff, mostly. This is probably great for economy!

Dream burger for some

What a delicious eating!

This food place was established at a certain time, back a while ago, maybe. Located on THE MAIN, they hold a delicious atmosphere for eating, or sitting, also maybe. We presume this. Recently, rumors were amounts of people had noticed this place, so we were curious enough to go and take a peek a their menu, if opportunity arose.

Take a look at that!

Have a load of this!

It turns out some type of people like it — yum! Others, less. But this place is perfect for people with a certain taste. Types of eaters will also have their appetite fulfilled by the probable variety of appropriate meals, considering their theme. The perfect place for many occasions!

Did somebody say "food"?

Did somebody say “food”?

MTL’s Very Own 33 Tours Is Having A Blowout Sale!

Do you sometimes dream of being a grandfather? Need that sour smell of death and abandon on your body? Have you never heard of Colisée Du Livre? Good! 33 Tours, MTL’s finest overpricer in wax has kept their collection of James Last all to themselves — UNTIL NOW! It’s the hottest thing happening in Montreal ever since that Nirvana show at Foufs 350 000 people attended!

Source: 33 Tours' Kodak Rebel

Source: 33 Tours’ Canon Rebel

Julio Iglesias? Got ’em. Serge Fontane? Got ’em! Need that rare beaten up record Passe-Carreau did? It’s called DanseExercise! danSEEXercise!  Genius! LOL!

You know what I mean!

You know what I mean!

Get your Tupperware bins ready, because EVERY vinyls are A DOLLAR! WOW (bring vaseline)!

If you just need to relax after shopping for your very-first vinyls, just stay in the room! It’s a great way to be in a sauna for free!

MTL’s Finest Dadbods For Summer 2015

Everybody knows that with great success comes great fat. Gold is high in carbs, so what can you do? Nothing, that chub is the new thing that’s charming all the baes! Beers and bacon for all of you, guys!!!

So you may not know about that #dadbod thing, because we’re really ahead of people. So here’s MTL’s Finest Dadbods For Summer 2015!

5: Denis Coderre


Need a good example of a successful #dadbod for your friends that don’t surf the webs? Look no further. This fine looking sir is a success. Legends say he eats only the best concrete, which would explain the potholes on The Main.

4: Tommy Kruise

Source: Goegle

Source: Goegle

One look at this man will make any sane girl melt like fries in a poutine grilled-cheese. MTLs hottest “playa”-button-presser. A true success

3: Charles Laplaointe

McGill Ghetto’s finest! Check out the dad-shirt! CEO, successful young chap, creative, bearded… He’s got all the perks to please! You’ll never see this guy unaccompanied by a mighty-fine bae with long legs. Rumors are she was a model once, for Simons, and he LOVES rumors.

2: Fredo Le Magicien

This man, I tell ya. Wonder where he gets all his charm? Well, on top of having all this fat (in fact, he might be one of the biggest #dadbods in all of MTL), he is a warlock. Need a tissue? BAM. Before your very eyes, he makes it appear out — of — thin — air.

1: Rémi-Pierre Paquin

Credit: Frederic Faddoul

Credit: Frederic Faddoul

We literally masturbate to this man’s success daily. He crashed through the screens for his superb performance in Ramdam, as Manolo’s favorite band’s lead-man called Radiodead. Ring any bell? Yeah. This guy thinks outside the box. He’s alternative. He’s indie. He’s in a real band too! Never heard a song but I can garantee you it’s great. This guy even opened up his OWN irish pub in Hochelaga (the irish part of MTL). If you need someone to greasen up your night, you need some RPP.

0: Guy A Lepaidge

Did you think this was over? No. We can go lower! Let us introduce to you the ultimate #normcore #dadbod, Sir Lepaidge. Is that a Pur Noisettier collar? From Bonjour the Police to A Boy/A Girl to Tout Les Monde En Parle, “we” asked Lepaidge to tell us about his best kept secret, how to maintain the perfect dadbod. The proud owner of 3 restaurants who would never set foot in there told “us” it was all about watching people working for him and then bringing wine leftovers to his gorgeous manoir on St-Hubert’s street. The cheese selection is very important with the wine, remember — “the fattest, the greatest”. Eating raw gold ingots is also a great part of how you’ll keep this hot chub solid. Keep on keeping on, greatest CEO ever! We admire your work. Say hi to the police for us!