Bad News For People Who Live In Quebec Province

So it seems everything has been exploding into a shit-storm of horrible news, recently.

Starting with the attempts to have anti-Islam demonstrations in the streets of MTL last week, it keeps showing we’re heading back to the dark ages. Speaking of the dark ages, have you heard that anti-abortion laws are coming back? It seems all these efforts we’ve made as a society to progress were all in vain. It never really gets that better. Success is always bitter-sweet.

Are you mad at this? You’re feeling like you want to join the thousands of angry people that have been walking in protest in the past weeks? You should reconsider, because students are now getting shot smoke-grenades right to the jaw. It seems police brutality always surpasses itself. If you want to know what I think, it’ll take a few “accidental deaths” of protesters for people to wake up. But even with a situation so grim, reading comments about the topic on social networks makes you think there will always be people on the police-side of things. What will probably happen is that we’ll pervertedly stare at the pictures and videos for a few days until we hear about some super-star killing herself. You want to give people bad news? Then pummel them with a bunch of it. They’ll be so lost that all that will happen is a few Facebook statuses about it until total-confusion kicks into high-gear and forces them to denial.

LOL!!! Did you actually BELIEVE all that I just wrote!? Look at your calendar you uber-DOOFUS! Geez-loueez! Calm down! April Fools, you dum-dum! Chin up! Want some ACTUAL news!? Bar Brutus si now serving full-on artery-blocking pints of bacon juice!!! So much WIN!!!

Hey! Have a great one now, everything’s fine everywhere and I’m making TONS of money!


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