LOL: 7 Amazingly Hilarious Things About MTL

If you live in Montreal, you love to laugh! HAHA! Because everyone knows that Montreal is FUNNY AS HELL! Seriously though, here are the funniest things that make Montreal SOOO MTL!



What’s up with francos? It’s like they’re French but they’re from around here so they aren’t! LOL! Theyr’e always all like “Rhon Hon! Oui monsieur! Fwa gras!” So funny!!! We love them! Rhon Hon!!!


6. Rick Mercer:


He’s political and he’s funny and his rants are literally the best thing you need. He’s got a universal sense of humour that’s still very Canadian and which you still can relate to if you live in Montreal! GO RICK!


5. Royal Canadian Air Farce:

If you grew up around Halifax like some of us at our cool office did, you know that what you thought you’d miss the most when you moved to Montreal was RCAF. THANK GOD FOR THE CBC! Their impersonations are always spot on!


4. Just for laughs’s Gags:

They’re SO MTL! No matter where you go in the world, you ca always watch Les Gags at an airport near you! Les Gags reprezent MTL! They NEVER get old!


3. Epic Meat Time:



BACON&BACON&BACON&BACON&BACON&JACK!!! LOL Classic Montreal foodie inside joke culture. Maybe only funny to people who truly love food (and epicness).


2. Farts:

Ewwwwwwwwwww!!! LOL!


1. Dead Obies:



Can’t have a list about things without Dead Obies on it!


0. Patrick Huard:



We have no idea. St?phanie had a tantrum when we said we didn’t wanna add him to the list. He’s apparently really funny? A “huard” is a loon in english (fun fact: that’s what on the dollar coin aka why they call it a loony! Crazy!). I guess it’s pretty MTL.