You’ve all been forced to the new app for Facebook Messenger. It looks great and the chat bubbles appearing on your screen at any time is really useful. Great, right?

Think again. You might recall, installing this app requires you to allow that Facebook Messenger gets access to your camera and contact list! WTF!?!

Clearly, we’ve all been had. Now, Facebook will be able to see which hot intern you most frequently jerk off to¬†(THEY CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR CAMERAS!!!) or the messages you send to get anonymous handjobs from Craigslist. At Sooo MTL, we’re pretty important figures of MTL so we’re CLEARLY being spied on even more than you and that scares the Baejesus out of us. Illuminati is closing in on us, our privates’ lives are being stalked and we can’t do a damn thing about it. Or can we? We don’t know, honestly. What should we do??? SO NOT MTL.

Source: St?phou's new celly

Source: St?phou’s new celly