The Best Pokemon Go Locations To Find Rare Pokemon In MTL


Pokemon is all the rage, right now! With kids ranging from 30 to 45 years old, EVERYONE seems to be playing Pokemon Go on their cellphones (sorry Olds, You can’t play with your flip-phones LOL)!

But now everyone is wondering — WHERE DO I CATCH THE RARE POKEMONS?!? Well, the wait is over. We asked EVERYONE we know at La Belle Province, and we now have the COMPLETE list of the sweet, sweet spots to find your own Mewtwo! Here’s the full map with the list below!


1. La Belle Province

1604, Avenue de Mont Royal East

What you can find: Great poutine at an affordable price (great for munchies when you’re a student! Say hi to Manny, he’s real nice), Pidgey, Rattata, Squirtle.


2. La Belle Province

3608, Saint Laurent

What you can find: Great poutine at an affordable price (a true classic! who’s hungry???), Pidgey, Rattata and maybe Meowth.


3. La Belle Provence

1, Sainte Catherine W

What you can find: Did someone say steam-dogs?? YUM! Affordable price! Also; Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pigeon.


4. La Belle Province

1356, Jarry E

What you can find: Great poutine and steam-dog combo! If you say hi to Manny, he might take a few bucks off the price! NICE! Thanks Manny! Also; Pidgey, Rattata, Meowth, Seel, Fishy and Flowerhead.


5. La Belle Province

3001, Notre-Dame West

What you can find: Manny, Poutine, Pidgey, Drowsey, Machop


6. La Belle Provence

4579, Wellington

What you can find: Rattata, Pidgey, Meowth, Eevee. Secret cheat-tip: You can find ANY Pokemon there if you say hi to Manny twice and order poutine for all your friends. Did I hear “poutine”? YUM!


7. La Belle Province

6752, rue Sainte-Jacques

What you can find: Mankey, Rattata, Egghead, lots of Muk, Psyduck Poutine, Coderre, Steam-dogmon


8. La Belle Province

1216, Peel

What you can find: Great poutine at an affordable price (great for munchies when you’re a student! Say hi to Manny, he’s real nice), Pidgey, Manny, Rattata, Squirtle, Manny, Steve, Diglet, Manny, Ghastly, MEWTWO!!!!, Pidgey, Manny2.

Studies Show That Good Looking Outgoing People With Good Hygiene Have More Sex


(Source: my friend snapchatted it to me)

A super interesting study has just been released by the Institute of Studies About Sexy People that studied the habits of sexy people who have sex with each other and sometimes jerk it if it’s been too long. According to this study:

– 100% of people claim to prefer to have sex with someone they find attractive

-96% of people answered that they were very likely to put a genitals in their mouth if it belonged to a person who showers regularly

– 89% of women answers that they prefer the taste of bacon to penis but also said that penis wasn’t that bad compared to like a mouthful of mud

– 81% of people answered that they were more likely to have sex with someone who walked up to them and chatted instead of someone they will never meet, see or speak to

– Only 7% of people said that they enjoy having sex with bad breaths

– 0% of the people that who answered this survey were from Montreal

Bar Brutus

The 9 Kinds Of MTL Girls You Meet In MTL

Have you ever been to the SAQ? It’s great! They stock all kinds of wine and liquor from all over the world at bargain prices. They have literally everything you can imagine of. They are open all the time with convenient schedules as long as you need booze before 6 p.m. most days. Visit your local SAQ now – who knows, they might have amazing promotions like 5% off a purchase of $275 or more. It’s great. Go buy alcohol.

Anyway here’s a list about girls.



1. The Hipster

She wears pants and hats and listens to music. Probably she is vegan aswell. This is by far the most common type of girl found in MTL – we do not understand them but they are OK to hook up with once in a while as long as they don’t talk about pants or hats or music. Like most MTL girls they are easy like Lionel Ritchie.



2. The fatty

Ugh. Gross. So much this. So much nope. Epic fail. Do not want. The struggle is real. Stop eating the poutines and bacon-stuffed mayonnaise donut BBQ sandwiches we promote every day, you gross fatty fatterson. Try a salad LOL.

(Source: tumblr)

(Source: tumblr)

3. The thuggette

She clubs a lot and listens to Drake. She thinks she is real hard but she is not. Sometimes she has grills or tats. While this kind of girl is good to have pictures of when you run a successful arts and culture website, it is not good to hang out with them. Turn down for nope.



4. The bookworm

She loves books so much, she will sometimes try to talk to you about books or even get you to read books. She even buys books and keeps them. LOL, only in MTL.



5. The drunk girl

She probably lives in the McGill ghetto. She is always throwing up or wtv or knocking on your door because she’s locked out of her house. Again, so much epic nope in a big way.



6. The douchette

If you do not knwo what this means, it means that you are a douchebag or probably dating one. LOL. Hope you enjoy it.



7. The spinster

This girl finished university at least one year ago and stuck around. She is desperate AF and hanging out in old person place like Else’s or Casa. Avoid at all costs unless you have a thing for MILFS or want to hear about the way it used to be in MTL (yuk).



8. The French girl

She’s all like ‘esti coliss’ and eating baguettes and cheese. Usually found in places you wouldn’t go anyway, but sometimes they’re sneaky as fuck and sign up for classes in real universities. Voulé vous couchez avec moi ce soire, indeed.



9. The unpaid intern

She is usually pretty great, has cool taste in things and is easily pliable. She will even write horseshit nonsense with scandalous titles because you asked her to. She’s an invaluable part of the team, and well worth her weight in exposure dollars.