Te Rest Of Me Going Be Disgusteng An Rany In Monreal


140623875 © Jerome Cid | Dreamstime.com

Today is rane an col wedder will keep going for Me. De rest of Me gray, rane, sad.

Hopes for nex weak because wedder netwark predic 32 mondae. Predic rane an col for wedder nex many dae.

Bad new for ale were lookeng to sumar like becik, voleybale, sangria an terase.

Is going to rane tru weak.

Wedder forecase:

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Sai. Godbai.

Good source for wedder forecase ere! Like ane folow! An SHAYR


Montreal Opens First-Ever Curry Bar For Real This Time

Montreal is quite the entrapranoor, nowadays! We’ve witnessed a quite impressive amount of bars, restaurants and stores OFFICIALLY opened by Montreal herself! How inspiring!

Now it’s Hochelaga‘s turn to have a taste of Montreal’s great ideas. Located on Ontario Street, in the heart of the heart-warming district also dubbed as “HOMAMA“, Boustan has officially opened its doors for the whole world to have a taste of the FIRST-EVER Indian-Curry-Themed experience! Yummy!


Yummy yummy rollin’ tummy! Photo source: Boustan

Get your chopsticks ready, my bros (and also girls)! Indian-Curry-Themed restaurants are known to be spicy, or something! We don’t know. It’s not like we checked. Leave us the fuck alone! We took the info off Google Reviews! We usually require people to sign legal papers for sole proprietorship of their kidneys for us to make such a nice article! People by the GADJILLIONS click on our links. Eat shit, poors!

Wow – The STM Is Giving Away Free Benches!

(Source: google)

(Source: google)

Amazing! We’ve just heard through the greatvine that the STM is getting rids of TONS of benches from inside the metro wagons and – best part – totally for free! If you ever thought that your apartment needed that je ne c’est quoi that would complete your shabby chic aesthetic, look no further!

All you have to do is show up at the STM Headquarters (don’t call in advance – they are way too busy) and say you’re there for a free bench! The HQ is located at:

800, de la Gauchetiére Ouest
Bureau 8860

Supplies are plentiful, but hurry up – it’s free? Who doesn’t love free stuff? WE LOVE IT!