Top 10 unexplained mysteries from MTL

There’s tons of unexplained phenamenans going on in MTL. Some are fascinating and some are downright creepy.

10: That green light downtown

Source: Stephou's Samsung Slide

Source: Stephou’s Samsung Slide


9: That orange sphere on Decarie blvd.

Ancient indian tribes? A fast-food restaurant? Alien technalogy? Nobody knows, we’ve never been. It’s way too far.

8: The cross on MT RYL

Who was crucified there?? How did it get there? This mystery is as mysterious as the Easter Island statues.

7: Who or what are these five roses?

Five Roses –> Five Elements –> Fire Elemental –> Fire burns things –> Are Five Roses planning to burn MTL down???

6: Why is the 55 always late?

Are they taking too much time hiding the bodies from previous bus travelers that complained too much? Where does the 55 go at the end of it’s road anyways? I heard one of the drivers looks EXACTLY like Charles Bukowsky. Isn’t he the guy who shot his wife in the face pretending he was trying to do a William Teller routine?

5: If you cut the Carré St Louis in half diagonally, you get a triangle.

Illuminati? Probably. We stopped having our breaks there, even though it’s real close to our cool office. Too creepy.

4: Why is there a man with a fishing rod in Berri-UQAM Station?

Does he know something we don’t? Is he fishing for the truth?

3: What is that symbol that everyone is wearing?

Who are the “ELB”? We have no idea and it’s creeping us the fuck out. We think it’s a secret French society.

2: Who are these people talking to in these weird booths?

Source: internet

Source: internet

And what ARE these booths? Are these people schizos? Is it some kind of surveillance device? Seriously, WTF MTL!