Montreal Man Finds Creative Way To Skip In Line At Restaurants And Posts It On Facebook

Yesterday, some of our staff at SoooMTL noticed a rather fun and creative Facebook status from a user named Peter Manirath.

Apparently, Peter found a harmless lifehack to skip endless lineups at restaurants. Peter bragged about how he went into Petinos in Laval, and pretended that he was a food blogger who worked for MTLBlog in order to get special VIP treatment.

My boi!


Photo from Pete’s FB

Of course, we never heard of Petsos and we’ve never featured them several times on our “Best Of” lists, so it’s understandable that the staff there would expect us to show up every once in a while.

And as much as I want to give this guy points for being creative, I totally will, because this guy is the tits! It’s not MTLBlog that got scammed, in fact, no one did. Plus, Peter admitted he only did it to skip the line, which means he lifehacked like a BOSS.

So here are two sweet-ass templates to simply add your picture and pretend you’re part of SoooMTL and skip any line-up you want! You can do it with ANY BLOG too! AAANY BLOG (please note that we’re not saying you SHOULD, we don’t encourage it, but you toootally could).



Now go out there and have some fun!


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