Montreal’s Journal de Montreal To Close In Montreal Due To Pressure From So-Called “Jokesters”



BREAKING NEWS: In a Facebook post earlier today, the prestigious Journal de Montréal run by the respectable content generator Quebecoir Media has opted to close, citing work by an undisclosed parodical satirical publication has confused them their readership too much.

Indeed, in the post publicated in French only on their Facebook page, the Journal de Montréal has announced that despite the fact that they are worth 4 billion dollars, the costs necessary to fight off this unfunny parodist full of fake AF news that have no chill are too much for the respectable conglomerate from which everyone could stand to use a few lessons from.

Thankfully, we at SoooMTL are still around. We are resisting the oppressors and their “so-called jokes” which go against our goal of content generation for the 14-to-25 generational section of content enjoyers. Look for the SoooMTL logo on all publications to ensure that you are getting the highest content of content possible: we guarantee it.


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