Phillies Cheesesteak’s Only Client Turned Out To Be A Ghost Named Tony

After Saint Viateur’s world-famous Phillies Cheesesteak announced to MTL they were closing, the entire Mile End broke into tears. People all over (going as far as two blocks away from the place) handed out multiple petitions for them not to close but never ended up actually handing it to Phillies or Mayor Coderre.

Le Phillies Cheesesteak offered Philadelphia’s very-own cheese-steak sandwich. A tasty looking mix of the brown and orange colors. Although we have never stepped foot inside or know anyone who did, we had heard rumors of people spotting a man wearing a suit inside, eating one of the very famous sandwiches.

After receiving a few pictures of the suited man, we noticed a very interesting one. What we have here is absolute-proof (it was verified with our source and he said ‘yeah’) that the man was in fact a GHOST! Don’t believe us? See for yourself!


Image source: The ghost-hunter-guy that emailed this to us.



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