5 MTL Dentists That Did Not Kill Cecil The Lion

Your teeth hurts? Need some emergency dental services ASAP? We know that feel. Unfortunately, in today’s crazy world, it’s difficult to parse through which dentists have killed the legendary Cecil the Lion, friend to all, and which ones didn’t. Here are 6 MTL Dentists that are not responsible for the death of the world’s favorite lion.

(source: Twitter)

(source: Twitter)

5. Dr. Lenny Slepchick

800 Rene Levesque Boulevard W

This peace loving downtown dentist is definitely not responsible for the death of Cecil the Lion, a beloved lion that you have held in your heart for decades. He is only responsible for bright smiles!

(source: dentisteho.com)

(source: dentisteho.com)

4. Dr. André Tam Ho

4500, Côte-des-Neiges #101

This Côte-des-Neiges dentist is apparently friends with Vincent Damphousse of the Montreal Expos. No man who is a friend of Vincent Damphousse would be capable of cold-blooded murder of the president of the lion world.

(source: drbautista.com)

(source: drbautista.com)

3. Dr. Manuel Bautista

1260, Crescent Street, Suite 206

Located in the heart of the clubbing district of MTL, this dentist doctor probably doesn’t even eat meat, maybe, so he has the heart of a lamb and no murders of lions to his name. Especially not the cancer-curing lion Cecil.

(source: MCgill)

(source: MCgill)

2. Dr. Bruce Dobby

1414 Drummond suite 909

Don’t let Dre. Dobby’s resemblance to scary movie director Abel Ferrara fool you – he definitely doesn’t kill lions. He’s also definitely not the elf from Henry Potter.

(source: instantsmiles.com)

(source: instantsmiles.com)

1. Dr. John Petruccelli

1100 Beaumont suite 502

Definitely no legendary tigers being murdered in this smiley dentists office! Only good dental hygiene and a free toothbrush with every cleaning.


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