MTL’s Mural Festival 2015 So Far In Images

Mural Festival┬áis a festival in MTL about the arts of painting and drawing on walls. It is a very urban festival and it’s great for hanging out with friends and watch people paint, if you like the arts. Share this article if you like the arts!

Here is a few images from the Festival (it ends on the 14th). These are the oeuvres that struck us the most, so far.

1508282_10153232194710865_1545353494_n 11106468_10153232193415865_1020525691_n 11354896_10153232539350865_529338365_n 11350207_10153232540630865_1549361098_n 11324163_10153232540690865_139648295_n


11304102_10153232540165865_1566499301_n 11304087_10153232539580865_1156477919_n 11257592_10153232540205865_2004072921_n 11125105_10153232540145865_450504411_n 11354982_10153232540855865_1873491193_n 11355501_10153232540945865_487707009_n 11356275_10153232540005865_1583506804_n 11358660_10153232194910865_1994065545_n 11414474_10153232541020865_398559760_n 11414614_10153232540880865_787966125_n 11414617_10153232194605865_874447798_n 11420024_10153232540660865_1443526420_n 11419974_10153232539925865_338366388_n 11419764_10153232195035865_1396661900_n 11419742_10153232193710865_768873718_n 11418214_10153232539455865_2070491309_n 11418210_10153232194555865_1049318507_n 11418198_10153232540105865_1721618844_n 11421402_10153232194280865_38090631_n 11421524_10153232540065865_1264813997_n 11421644_10153232539860865_450717769_n 11422676_10153232540150865_667758023_n 11427895_10153232540055865_1439593355_n 11428556_10153232540745865_1092806000_n

Source: Chad's Canon Rebel

Source: Chad’s Canon Rebel


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