MTL’s Very Own 33 Tours Is Having A Blowout Sale!

Do you sometimes dream of being a grandfather? Need that sour smell of death and abandon on your body? Have you never heard of Colisée Du Livre? Good! 33 Tours, MTL’s finest overpricer in wax has kept their collection of James Last all to themselves — UNTIL NOW! It’s the hottest thing happening in Montreal ever since that Nirvana show at Foufs 350 000 people attended!

Source: 33 Tours' Kodak Rebel

Source: 33 Tours’ Canon Rebel

Julio Iglesias? Got ’em. Serge Fontane? Got ’em! Need that rare beaten up record Passe-Carreau did? It’s called DanseExercise! danSEEXercise!  Genius! LOL!

You know what I mean!

You know what I mean!

Get your Tupperware bins ready, because EVERY vinyls are A DOLLAR! WOW (bring vaseline)!

If you just need to relax after shopping for your very-first vinyls, just stay in the room! It’s a great way to be in a sauna for free!


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