5 Best Parks To Picnic In MTL

SPRING IS HERE! Spring is SOOOMTL because we have some of the best weather conditions compared to, like, Laurentides, or something.

What’s even better? Oh, you asked for it. Shit be cray: we have almost a BAJILLION parks in Montreal. It’s a fact. We found this info somewhere, on another blog, we think. Trust us. MTL is a great place to put food in your mouth too. So why not combine both?? Do you need to go? You can do that too!


Sorry, manual-Tourette’s.

So, without further ah-do, here goes:

5: Parc P.A.Q.#38

Source: Google Street View

Source: Google Street View

We’ve never been there, but it’s pretty popular on Craigslist. There is probably trees there if you need to take a leak. It’s got a pretty kickass name too! It’s like a robot! LOL! #geek alert! Am I right? Big Bang Theory.

4: Lafountain Park

We hate this fucking park. We seriously do. It’s filled with dirty hippies. Do you like juggling? Well, I’m no gynecologist, but I know a cunt when I see one — go there and choke on your patchouli sandwich, filthy anarchist. Leave the better parks to the adults that need to talk dollars and lists. Why does everyone go there?? Seriously. Carray-rooge is SOOOOver-rated. There’s NOWHERE to pee and that goddamn chalay is always flooded. Great place if you need to smell bad.

3: Ahuntsic Park

Source 123rf.com

Source 123rf.com

Now, THERE’S a park we weren’t paid to announce! Seriously, it’s so easy to go there if you take the 171 and there’s MAD roads if you like to Walk Around In Shorts And Sandals And Act Like A Dick. Awesome spot if you need to piss. Plenty of trees for the mens and loads of corners for the lay-lays. Pretty cool if you’ve bought food from a place and need to eat it at some other place.

2: Daniel-Johnson Park

Located in the far-East of MTL, it’s a great place if you need to take a leak, man or girl. Plenty of space to sit. The benches have nice seating capability, similar to Jean-Mance park, but without the all the annoyance.

1: Park Emilie Gamelin

Em-Gam-Gams is a GREAT park to hang out in. Most of our sync-assets Picnics happen there. If you see Rick, don’t look him in the eye and you DON’T know where Chad is. Gam-Gams is located the heart of the city so you know it’s good.


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