Five FREE Things To Do In MTL This Week

20 DEGREES CELCIOUS?! WOW! Thought winter was gonna last forever, didn’t you? Like this article if you agree.

As you know, we’re always aware of what’s going on in MTL! And since it’s the first real hot week in MTL and we’re all broke from binging all winter long, here are 5 FREE things you can do in MTL! Make sure to share this article on your Facebook wall or you will die in exactly one week from now!

5. Walk Around In Shorts And Sandals And Act Like A Dick

Source Lookastic

Source Lookastic

Walking around and acting like a dick is one of our favorite things, here at SoooMTL! To raise your dick-game, you NEED shorts and sandals and it’s the perfect week for that! Don’t forget to constantly keep that “I really don’t care” photoshoot-face at ALL times.

4. Force Bars That Haven’t Opened Their Terrasse To Put Out A Chair And Table For You, Sit And Order Nothing

Source Instagram

Source Instagram

Is Vice & Versa full? How’s Saint-Slupice? Full? It’s okay, you can go on ANY unopened terrasse and complain to the employees that they haven’t oepened it yet. Who cares if it’s not THEIR decision?! DEMAND IT! Let them know their place. The customer is always right. If you want to make this 100% free, order nothing! Viola!

3. Sit In Lafountain Park And Catch A Rare Disease

Now that all that is left from the snow is puddles of water and mud, why not go sit in Lafountain Park? No need to sit on a picnic sheet, sit directly in the puddle and let some rare water borne disease go right up in you! You’ll have a year worth of Facebook status updates! Free!

2. Sit At Jeanne-Talon Market And Do Nothing

Source UnanaMontreal

Source UnanaMontreal

It’s a beautiful day and you know what that means! The Jean Talon Market is a great place to go and chill to people watch – lots of people are there to buy things, but that isn’t free! Instead, parkyour ass on the sidewalk and squint at the sun – a totally MTL activity.

1. Get An Internship At SoooMTL!

Source Mario Paint

Spring means all of our staff returns home because you cannot stay in rez over the summer! Not only is getting an internship at SoooMTL free for you, but it’s also free for us! We offer lots of smoke breaks in our scenic parking lot, you will do all kinds of tasks including none of the ones you were hired to do AND you get to tell people you work here! Mass-rep!!


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