Apparently Some Olds Are Trying To Make The PMR Olds-Only



We won’t lie: most of us at Sooo MTL live in the PMR, Extreme Lower PMR (Concordia), East PMR (Hochelaga) and PMR Annex (Dorval). It is simply the most vibrating, most alive neighborhood in all of MTL. So this article from the FRAPRU (Front d’action populiste en déménagement urban) really hits us close to home (literally, in some cases).

According to this article the PMR has recently come under the reign of something called genderification. Genderification is when people who are tired of getting turnt have crotch babies and decide to become ‘so-called’ productive members of society by buying the PMR. This is both good an bad for some reasons: this makes more skrilla in order to have bustling businesses in the area that buy paid content from us, but it also means that some 20 to 24 yaer olds are also getting evicted from their chill pads in order to accomodate some olds.

Typical PMR MTL olds (is that a CD?!?) courtesy of Montreal.TV

Typical PMR MTL olds (is that a CD?!?) courtesy of Montreal.TV

This is a problem to us because you see, we are also young. As we havepreviously made clear, it is beacause of us that Montreal is this great. So if we get evicted an have to live in distinctly uncool nabes like Villeraie or Verdun (like basically anything that starts with V is pretty ghetto and not in the positive way like Kendrick Lamar or wtv), it will make it difficult for us to properly make the city great. We might even have to take some money to promote a place we’ve never been too!

According to some information we pilfered in an article in Metro, 49% of chill young people spend up to 87% of their income on their rent. We asked one of our writers, St?phanie, to comment on this issue. ”Well, you guys don’t actually pay me, so I still live with my parents. The exposure is great, though”,said St?phanie. We asked our accountant Blake to do the math and that is a whooping 1000% percent of her income that St?phanie spends on rent!! This has to stop.


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