MTLers love shishs taouk. They are the perfect food: meat wrapped in a pita wrapped in an enigma. This traditional food of Libanon can be found inexpensively all around the island of MTL, in places that are great and others that are not so much. We at SOOO MTL compiled the best places that have the best ones and ignored the rest. Behold, the 8 best shish taouk experiences that MTL has to offer.



8. Elatos

550, Jarry

This place is located in the far flung no man’s land of the Rockland District but it is highly worth it for the excellent shish taouks. This authentic joint will really remind you of jolly ol’ Beirut! The portions are excellent.



7. Marvens

880, avenue Ball

MTL’s Park Ex neighborhood is historically a place that has many immigrants – some of which opened up restaurants that serve shish taouk. This place is a place that does that – in large portions, too! There is an authentic Arabic moosehead on the wall as well. The portions are excellent.



6. Brochetterie Parthenon

3545 Van Horn

The name of this place is a bit confusing – ‘brochetterie’ is a traditional Lebanese name that means ‘a place where they serve food in non-taouk form’ but pay no mind – they do an excellent taouk in this friendly joint in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. If maybe your grandma is poor and lives in Cote des Neiges, why not treat her? The portions are excellent!

(Source: tumblr)

(Source: tumblr)

5. Village Greqcue

654 Jean Pantalon W

This may have a tricky un-Googlable name, but you can’t go wrong with this this classic family joint that serves up one mean garlicky taouk. Also locate in the historical immigration district of TMR East, it is an authentic taste of the Mediterranean, even more so that Mourelatos despite what the hit song will tell you. The portions are excellent.



4. Kojak’s

1389 rue Saint-Catherine W

There are a few Kojak’s spread around town but this is a real deal, situated a stone’s throw away from Concordia campus. This is a more casual, fast-foody taouk experience but the money is where it counts: in the rolled up cones of meaty goodness. The potions are excellent.

3. Marathon

5365, rue des Jockies

It’s really tempting to hit up PF Chang’s after a long day of shopping at Wal-Mart and Le Chaton Entrepot (for all your lime-green shirt / white tie combo needs), but look slightly to the west and you will see Marathon, a classic MTL restaurant for those seeking to fill their faces with meaty tubes and tangy garlic ayoli.



2. Yia Sou

5375, Chemin Queen Mary

You may have noticed that all the restaurants in this list are located very far away from the downtown core aka the real MTL. This is because traditionally immigrants (like those who open shisk taouk restaurants, for example) live further away from the downtown core once they become too old to have a party lifestyle and finally become their own bosses (much like us, CEOs of SOOO MTL). Anyway according to some guy on Yelp this is a place near the Snowdown District that has incredible shish. The portions are excellent, allegedly.



1. Arahova

256 rue St Viateur O

This has to be the best on the list for many reasons, including 1) it is actually located somewhere where you would actually want to live as opposed to a place where nonnas and weird guys in your program live 2) it is open til 4 in the morning so you can walk in with your buds rolling on molly and still get an incredibly taouk experience 3) they sell Arahova products in the grocery store which shows that they have some branding experience which we like because we always like to hear a success story about branding. The portions are excellent.



  1. This is the worst critic I have ever read with no culinary references, english mistakes and absolutly no valuable information about those restaurants except the name and the adress.


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