This MTL DJ Was Asked To DJ The Frank & Oak Party – What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

Shit went down in a major yesterday at cool new PMR venue Lorbeer (partially owned by Jeff Sinko of MTL band Hedley) when an unnamed DJ of Montreal was asked to DJ the Christmas party of Frank & Oak, a very MTL company that makes plaid shirts that you can button all the way up and/or wear with a puffy vest. The DJ was asked to play some tasty jams for all to enjoy and get turnt; instead, he played some old garbage horseshit dad music. He was asked to turn to gooder music that would be heard at Picknick Electrick in order for to grind on the dancefloor, yet he refused mellifluously. The shamed DJ took to social networks to vent his frustration.

(Source: Facebook)

(Source: Facebook)

For those of you who don’t speak French (and why would you LOL) it goes something like this: I have been removed from my own DJ booth for the first time in 16 years of being a DJ and never being removed once. I am humiliated! I hope you all die, you dirty uneducated animals who eat poops. Your clothes are dirty rags for peasants that are more stupider than the rest of earth!

This was not well accepted by attendance of the party. When reached for comment, a guy with a beard said, ”Dawg, this shit is out of control. He’ll never DJ in this town again.” A girl with a tuque and a plaid shirt claimed, ”Oh wow, its sad !” Another, different girl with a tuque and plaid shirt said, ”Shièt stun signe prend ta retraite”. (Google Translate crashed when we inputted this in it, and our printer started printing pictures of Lil B. THANK U BASED GOD.)

The unnamed DJ retorted:

(Source: Facebook)

(Source: Facebook)

Again for those of us blessed enough never having to learn French, he says: The worst thing is i like hip hop but only good hip hop not hip hop that is bad. They listen to the worst music n the world. they are posers! (Posers is a word that was once used on the internet to describe hipsters.)

We do not know what is to happen to the unnamed DJ. A third, also different girl with a tuque and a plaid (and maybe glasses) claimed, ”dass what happens when u dont play Celine.. u get dealt wit sonnn!

Strong words. Important words. BUY COCA COLA


14 thoughts on “This MTL DJ Was Asked To DJ The Frank & Oak Party – What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

  1. What is this comment on french? Are you stupid enough not to learn anything and not to listen to anything else than what you already know? By the way, your translation is not even right…


  2. Eh… Lorbeer partially own by Jeff STINCO from SIMPLE PLAN ? Please. And “Shièt stun signe prend ta retraite” means “Shit, It’s a sign , you should retire”… maybe that’s what you should do too.


  3. For those who did not read this article I will resume it, anyways why would you read it lol ?? Wait why did I read it all after he made a stupid anti French comment. Basically the article is about apparently a shitty dj that cannot live with criticism. Written really well for a moronic unilangual jelly fish.


  4. Whatever , If you stay in Mtl , you must speak French . If not your opinion doesn’t count , sorry .
    Your article is b.s. So as you if you need google translate for that . Your opinion does not matter .


  5. Learning a second language, ANY language, opens one to up entirely new horizons, cultures and points of view. But you’ll never get to that point, will you? Before stumbling onto this blog, I’d never heard of SOOO MTL. Know I know why. You don’t have a fucking clue as to what Montréal is about.


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