20 CRAZY Ideas To Do With Your Bae In MTL!

When you got a bae, with time, you really learn to know each other and develop this intense-bond. It’s like, telepathy, bae! And it makes you do CRAZY things!

Source panter.deviantart.com

Source panter.deviantart.com

Here is our top-20 list of CRAZIEST things to do in MTL when you have a really awesome and cray-bae. You HAVE to do these at least once!

20. Go to Lafontaine Park, take photos of your bae with your cellphone and then share them all as “Photoshoot with bae in the park”

19. Play hide and seek in Émilie-Gamelin Park!

Source tumblr.com

18. Eat a baegel AND a poutine. SOOOMTL!!!

17. Check all of your bae’s text-messages. If your bae really loves you, your bae is gonna let you do it. Cray!

16. Make pancakes, listen to Couer De Pirates on loop and eat the pancakes UNDER the bed-sheets!

Source House Of Boys

15. Have a nervous-fit every time your bae is a little late. LOL! CRAZY!

14. Rob a dépanneur (only people in MTL know what a dépanneur is LOL)!

13.  ) ) <> ( (

12. Write death-threats to Sugar Sammy!

11. Cuddle and watch 500 Days Of Summer but don’t watch the end and pretend they stay together all the time because she leaves him at the end.

10. Cuddle and watch The Notebook and if your bae doesn’t cry then your bae doesn’t know what love is.

Source tumblr.com

Source tumblr.com

9. Find a guy that sells LSD, dip a baegel St-Viateur in LSD, eat it together, climb up Mt Royal and play hide and seek at night! The game will never end!

8. Participate in a circle-jerk together in Lafontaine Park at night!

7. Go to Bar Brutus and eat BACON together (only people in MTL know what bacon is LOL)!

Source cheapbridesmaiddresses.biz

Source cheapbridesmaiddresses.biz

6. Reply to missed connections with your bae and tell them they are losers! XD!

3. Start a cult with your bae, do LOTS of brainwashing, convince people your website is for real but really just sell a bunch of stuff and butt-fuck your public with advertisement! Use the money to take bae on trips around the world!

2. Smoke DMT while holding hands and realise your existence is meaningless. Have strong-doubts about the meaning of all “this”. Develop small symptoms of schyzophrenia together! CRAY!

Source tumblr.com

Source tumblr.com

1. Make a suicide pact for your 5th anniversary. On the day of the anniversary, go around the suicide-fences of J-C Bridge, count to three and see if your bae jumps first! If your bae jumped, your bae really loves you.


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