Concordia University In Montreal Infested With Bedbugs



Hot tip off the Reddit! We’ve heard it through the grapevine that apparently the entire campus of Concordia University is infested with bedbugs, possibly due to filthy nerds studying in the library instead of renting a Breather on their parents’ credit card.

Breather is a service that helps people find beautiful, quiet space in the downtown core of MTL to do work. Instead of touching elbows with incredibly foreign students or risking having a bedbud shoot up your sweatpant leg and into your dilz, why not get a Breather? Breather is great. Learn more about Breather.

Concordia has confirmed through their reddit account (/u/CSU-HOJO) that bed bugs are everywhere, in a big way. Maybe school is closed, who knows. Breather.


4 thoughts on “Concordia University In Montreal Infested With Bedbugs

  1. This is not university’s reddit account! It is ours. We are a Housing and Job Bank run by the student union and never confirmed that there are bed bugs. We instead gave information regarding what students can do if they have an infestation. Don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any further questions.


  2. This is a terrible article for three reasons:
    It’s slandered, based on no factual information while being written in a matter-o-factly style;
    Secondly, its shamelessly promoting a service at the expense of an institution which has not actually commented on the topic;
    Lastly, “instead of touching elbows with incredibly foreign students…” is bigotry on the grounds that associating with international students is somehow shameful. Dude are you from the 19th century?

    -Be weary of this poster as the bigotry will likely taint the rest of the postings as well-


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