MTLGamer Review: MTL-made Farcry 4

Do you game? Do you g33k? Are you the ultimate cyber-warlord (LOL)? Boy, do we have a treat for you! Turns out newest intern’s friend has a Nentendo at home and he wanted to write a review for MTL’s very-own Farcry 4 from Ubisoft MTL!

Farcry 4 is a game much like Mario Party was a game too. It uses a controler-pad to direct the character, there is land where he walks on and the character you play can also jump! It gets pretty awesome as soon as you start the game, because there is a 10 minute-short movie. The movie is about a man in a bus and his old friend finds him. It’s like Big Bang Theory (BEST TV SHOW) but it’s outside and it’s got guns and it’s in India and there’s a man who gets stabbed with a pen. Ouch!

After the short movie, you are left in a house and you have to escape. This part was really difficult because I could not jump off the balcony. I tried and tried for maybe an hour and nothing worked. I don’t know the right manoevers for this, apparently. Luckily, I was told it’s a world that’s open kinda-game; there are many ways to do whatever you want! So I walked down some stairs, got scared and when I was outside, I was having a panic-attack so I had no idea what to do and I died many many times and I cried because it was violent. This game is HARD. But some people like hard games. I’m a geek and I like Big Bang Theory so I like this game too.

Source Thats cute mankey! He dies after.

Thats cute mankey! He dies after.

After my friend played for two hours, I was given the controler back. The game was STILL hard because some buttons make grenades appear and I had to dodge them but the camera kept spinning because I didn’t know how to play. After two days of practice, I was finally able to play the proper way and I went into a car and I was looking at the beautiful birds in the sky over the lake and I ran over a man and fell in the lake. I had no idea what button I pressed so I couldn’t get out of the car either, it was a really stressful moment and I tend to faint when things get too stressful.

When I regained consciousness, my character was back on land and he wasn’t in a car anymore — gee, what a relief!

This game is good because A LOT of people like it. I like being a video-game cridic because I never do anything and I was doing something. I give it 5 thumbs up!


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