Goodbye and thanks for the comments, MTL

‘Hey hey i like it better to burn out than to fade away’

– Curt Kobain

‘Pack it up, pack it in
Let me begin
I came to win
Battle me that’s a sin
I won’t tear the sack up
Punk you’d better back up
Try and play the role and the whole crew will act up
Get up, stand up, come on!
Come on, throw your hands up
If you’ve got the feeling jump across the ceiling
Mugs is a funk fest, someone’s talking junk
Yo, I’ll bust em in the eye
And then I’ll take the punks home
Feel it, funk it
Amps in the trunk
And I got more rhymes than there’s cops at a “Dunkin Donuts” shop
Sure enough I got props from the kids on the Hill
Plus my mom and my pops’

-House In Pain

I too, believe everything that goes through my Facebook feed.

Uniqueness, openness and friendliness

What? So you mean Google-translating a French text to German, then back to French and then to English is bad? Why?


We don’t know who wrote it, still.

Too much coffee

EW! Gross!!! No!!! I’m stickin’ with Timmy Ho’s!

thanks marie


Tag the wrong one

Im sarry.


Real talk.

Real sleepy

No, we mean park Jeamance.

park jamanace

More coffee-rage.

oh shit its a bar

Suck it, Jeromie.

Jeromie and the IQ display


Really Namur

Our favorite comment ever.

is this a joke

Françoise de Terrebone.


It is. I even went all the way up in the Eiffel tower there.


You had the 4 first words right, Rob.

Angry Timtim

Even ***** Lapointe liked it.

Double that facepalm


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