6 FREE things to do during Indian Summer in MTL

Did you celebrate Labor Day? I bet you did! But did you know that with Labor Day came the official beginning of the Indian Summer festivities? I bet you didn’t!

Indian Summer is a native holiday that the Aboriginal people who lived in Montreal long before the first settlers showed up inserted between Labor Day and Christmas. Indian Summer is Sooo MTL! The common rule that forbids people to wear white pants after Labor Day comes from these ancestral traditions. The more you know!

At SoooMTL, we like doing things. When they’re free, it’s even better. So we sent our researchers everywhere around MTL for weeks to come back with the best things to do in MTL at this time of the year. So here are fun FREE things to in Montreal during Indian Summer!

6: Stare.

5: Sit.

4: Complain.

3: Complain more.

2: Yawn.

1: Sleep.


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