Sock It To Me – MTL’s 8 Best Places To Buy Sox


If you’re like us, you like to wear socks. Socks are great because they go over your feet and prevent things like a) blisters b) stank-ass toes c) cold feet (but not in like the metaphorical way like when your mom bailed on your step-dad at the altar or whatever). The only downside to socks is that they are hard to find and, if you’re like us and no longer live with your parents usually, they incur additional costs because you have to buy them. Here at Sooo MTL we like to think that we have the upper hand on sock-buying tips as some of us have lived away from our parents as long as three years. Henceforth, here are the eight best places for to buy socks in MTL.



8. Winners Montreal Trust
1500, McGill Collage

In some places like Ontario and I’m sure other places, Winners is called Marshall’s which is a ghetto-ass store that we would never be caught dead in. Winners however is more classy and European, and also more like to be full of #win as the name suggests. The good thing about Winners is that they sell socks in large quantities so you can buy huge-ass swindles of socks for a low low price. The bad part of this Winners is that it is in front of a food court that doesn’t have a Basha in it.



7. Urban Outfitters

gle+ page1246 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
This pre-eminent, superlative and penultimate hipster store is your one-shop-stop for whacky socks with designs on them, up to and including: pizza, bacon, beards, Chuck Norris, mustaches, Grumpy Cats, bacon, the Motown logo, Notre Dame deGrasse Tyson, pickles, Super Mario and bacon.


6. H&M (the one more nearer to Cartier des spectacles)
450, rue Sainte Catherine West

H&M is cheap and cool and they sell socks by the half-dozen, so obviously they are high on the list. This one is smaller and has cooler clothing, so you will likely find some more swag socks there. DISCLAIMER: Chad’s former bae Brittany works here, so only shop here if you’re OK with buying socks from a two-timing hoe-bag from Roxboro.



5. Saint Laurent Street Sale
Between Buena Notte and Belmont

A bit tricky because this happens only like twice a year (better stock up on socks or should I say sock up LOL), but the Saint-Laurent street sale is good for many things, up to and including a) buying a mango on a stick for your bae b) seeing your prof wearing socks and sandals and being like WTF and trying to avoid them c) stumbling out of Muzique turnt as fuck and bothering some assholes who are cooking sausages (dat sausage doe XD) d) buying alot of discount socks.



4. Winners Alexis Nihon
1500, avenue Atwater

This Winners is a lot like the other Winners (AKA full of Win) but it places higher on the list because there is a Lebanese food-monger in the food court. It’s not a Basha but at least we can get our motherfuckin’ taouk on.



3. Ardene Berri UQAM
850, de Maison Neuve

St?phanie just let us know that girls buy socks too and that our list was skewering towards palaces to buy socks for dudes and bros. This is a place that you can buy berettes and hair elastics and things like that, they have socks also and are conveniently located inside the metro station. Also from what I understand they are wicked cheap which to us constitutes a form of a sexism since we cannot get the socks that cheap unless we have tiny feet.



2. Frank & Oak
160, rue San Vitteur #160

If you are not familiar with Frank & Oak (LOL?!) they are an online retail clothing store and mailing list professionals from MTL (and therefore are, as you may have guessed, SOOO MTL). They are convenient because they ship to your house so you don’t ever have to leave to purchase socks. On the other hand there are additional costs with shipping so that makes for some expensive socks so we have an alternative solution: Frank & Oak have an office and store on Saint Viateur in the heart of PMR, so go to the store and purchase the socks. Then cross the street without your purchases and have one of their clerks throw you the socks from across the street: you get the conventions of delivery without the added hassle of additional costs! WE LOVE IT!

PS: we don’t know if the man in the picture is Frank or Oak. Apologies, sirs.



1. H&M (the one closer to Concordia)
1420, rue Pee

As I mentioned above, H&M has lots of terrific clothing like tank tops, shorts, flip flops, V necks and other things like that. The latter category includes socks, which are found in plentiful and colorful varieties in this location of H&M. The advantage of this location (besides being three stories high and fairly close to the OG Peel Pub) is that there is no basic bitch hood rat from Roxboro who’s gonna run off with a Communications student (WTF) who works there.


2 thoughts on “Sock It To Me – MTL’s 8 Best Places To Buy Sox

  1. Wow. Great article guys. I forgot the name of the store but there is a cool store in gay village in MTL that sells some really cool and funky socks. I bought some socks there that were amazingly comfortable and really cool, i got tons of compliments on them. It’s called C&C and their website is , i got the emoji ones.


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