BMTL Banned from Facebook

Oops! What happened? Looks like somebody‘s mad at us on Facebook for making a parody of a website without using any of their content! We don’t exactly know what we’ve taken that wasn’t legit, seeing that the words “Blog” and “MTL” don’t really belong to anyone.

Hey, we’ll still try to make kewl articles about MTL!


9 thoughts on “BMTL Banned from Facebook

  1. I smell a list! I’ll write it for you. I’d say you have my permission to copy paste this comment into a post then delete the comment and say it’s your own work, but given your style, permission is probably not needed.

    Have fun with it!

    Five coolest censorships that are soooo Montreal

    Let’s face it, censorship is soooo MTL. When you censor parody, you’re even more edgy and cool! No one does that, it’s really a rebelish thing to do.

    Us here at BlogMTL want to celebrate rebelishness in all it is forms, so with out any future aydoo, here are ten really cool MTL ways to censor:

    1. MTL Blog censors StopMTL blog

    This is sooo MTL badass. Not because they’re saying it’s a violation of their work to say that they are violating other people’s work but because they used lawyers!

    Lawyers don’t Instagram. They use email. That’s soooo old school and soooo MTL!

    2. The pope censors Galileo

    Everyone loves Pope Frank. Not sure who this Galileo dude is (I think Freddy McQueen wrote a song about him) or what he did, but it must have been nasty for Pope Frank to censor him. Go Pope Frank! Sooo MTL!

    3. That time that stuck up chick censored our intern Kevin

    Kevin’s a good guy. And the way that stuck up chick censored him when he tried to pick her up at Buena Notte, just wrong! Go home with Kevin, don’t censor!

    4. MTL Blog censors Blog MTL on Facebook

    That’s right, we got censored, too! On Facebook of all places. Thanks MTL Blog, you’ve turned our little but sooo MTL cool site into Galileio. If only I knew who he was!

    Wait, only four? What happened to number five? Well, it was censored. Sooo MTL


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