The Best Instagram Pictures Of The Week – THESE ARE SO MTL OSHEAGA EDITION

We waited sooooooooooooo long and now it’s finally here! MTL’s best msuic festival starts today! We gave you some suggestions on what to see with friends last week, but here we have a roundup of the BEST INSTAGRAM PICTURES about Osheaga. These really capture the fun and excitement of seeing your favorite band on a island made from the metro. Kudos to all the photogs who made it this week – you are SO MTL!

(PS stop calling it Brosheaga its very sexism to the ladies that also enjoy Artic Monkeys)

instagram2 benjamin1439


instagram2 cassidyquinton


instagram2 ceciliainserna


instagram2 deanmyster


instagram2 faybibaby


instagram2 mz67


instagram2 nancy_cholette


instagram2 nanewnanew



instagram2 nikeroo24


instagram2 pglencross


instagram2 zombiesabroad



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