We’re Sorry Not Sorry, MTL.


We love you, here at Blog MTL. So when you say mean things about us, like we don’t know how to spell, or we report things that are false, or we ‘hire’ people that we don’t pay, it hurts us. It cuts us deep in the feels. ALL the feels. 

But the fact is, we never really did anything wrong. You need to understand something: we’re important. We make the city what it is, warts and all, with its problems and its warts and all. We’re fierce, and we get what we want. Oh, we’re bad bitches, and we’re walking out of this house with the million dollar prize.

We’re not pretentious, unlike some other MTL blogs. We like cronuts and bacon and ninjas. We give the people what they want, and what the people want is HEADLINES and FILTERED PICTURES OF THE SKYLINE. 

We do our best to showcase the things that are great about the city. That’s why we cahrge to cover your event; by giving us money, you ensure your event is up there in the echalons of the best things that have ever happened.

We hire the best people we can find. St?phanie might constantly make mistakes and know nothing about anything, but she’s OURS, damnit. We help you. We make this city what it is. No need to thank us. Who gives a shit about ‘journalistic integrity’? What about ‘blog statistics integrity’?

(Source: fairmountbagels.com)

(Source: fairmountbagels.com)

The stuff that you see here in Blog MTL is lasting forever. It is, bar none, the most important cultural writing you will ever find about Montreal. Ya, OK, Mortechai Richler was cool in 1920, but this is writing for US, for OUR generation of swagistas and YOLOneers.

We are you, MTL.

We made you.

And we can end you.


11 thoughts on “We’re Sorry Not Sorry, MTL.

  1. ‘We are you MTL. We made you. And we can end you’
    I bet you always got shiny gold stars on all of your writing assignments at school. Incredibly moving. Thank you.

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  2. I considered the possibility that the two spelling mistakes in this article, which were made after defending the site against claims it couldn’t spell, were included as an ironic and self inflicted wound to disarm certain critics, but my better judgement barred me from accepting this conclusion … and now these spelling mistakes live right here in the comments section below, because if you’re going to defend your spelling you better know how to spell.
    “That’s why we cahrge to cover your event.”
    “St?phanie might constantly make mistakes”


  3. Needs about 2,000 more words, a Google translation into Italian, then Japanese, then back to English, and then maybe you drop your laptop in a river before fishing it out and posting.

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