Top 5 funniest moments in Chad’s life

Chad’s not the coolest dude at the office for random reasons: he dresses well, he’s a chill dude, he knows where it’s at and he’s got MAD skills with the ladies! The best thing about Chad though is that he’s the FUNNIEST guy we know. You know you’ll laugh your lungs out when he’s around! Either it’s intentional or not, Chad is a master at timing funny moments.

Source La Toile Du Québec

Source La Toile Du Québec

5: The time he was totally right
So we had this argument over at the office once over who would get the remaining doughnut from Timmy Ho’s (Timmy Ho’s is the surname we give to Tim Horton’s) and then Chad said St?phanie, our unpaid intern, should get it because she didn’t have one yet. Everyone calmed down and we said “Yeah, you’re right, Chad, sorry bro…” and Chad shouted “BAZINGA!” and everybody laughed and it was really really funny!

4: The time he slipped and fell
So this one time, coming out of Apartment 200, Chad and I were a bit on the drunk-side if you catch my drift and he totally puked all over the sidewalk! It was really funny because right before that, he said he was okay. Uhhhh, not so sure there, Chad! The girls were like “EW!”. LOL!

3: The time he totally surprised us

So we’re just slowly starting our researching on the Goog (“Goog” is how we call Google) on a Monday morning and then LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem starts playing in our party speakers (we have party speaker-phones at our cool office) and Chad totally comes out of NOWHERE, wearing his pink briefs, started dancing like a crazy supafreak and we really really laughed alot!

2: The time he forgot to wear shoes
So when he was 6, Chad was just walking through the door to go to school when he realised he wasn’t wearing shoes! He said to his mom “Uh oh! Something is wrong, mommy!” and they both laughed alot! Especially his mom, after a while, Chad started crying.

1: Every time he speaks like Ermahgerd
Ermahgerd must be one of the funniest memes of all time. Chad nails it so well it’s as if Ermahgerd was in the room and it makes — us — die, every single time. Just today, he screamed “ERMAHGERD!!! BERKS!!!” when he saw me bring in some Nightlife mags so we could do our research. I dropped the mags and couldn’t breathe because I was laughing too much. Memes never get old. Ever.


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