Top 6 things you totally did at least once waking up

6: Waking up and realising you’re dreaming

Image by moodboard/Corbis

You’re holding your dream-bae in your arms and you’re right at the moment where you start undressing and then *BEEP BEEP BEEP!* goes your alarm. Ouch! That has to suck, right? Right?? You probably rely to this because you’re a person.


5: Yawning



People yawn. It’s a fact. Most chances are you do too so you have alot of chances of relating to this. You might even be yawning as you’re reading this. You maybe will share this post on “FB” (FB is short for Facebook) and write “OMG SO TRUE!” and that’s cool with us.


4: Rub your eyes or face



Most people do it. People that don’t end up with eye boogers and that’s soooo not MTL. Rub that shit off your eyes, MTL. Ew.


3: Turn off an alarm



Most people that work or have to go to their Comms class do this. We don’t, we don’t have work or anything. What, you’d call the coolest job ever in the world “work”? Anyways, we were told people do this, so you will probably relate to this.


2: Stretching



Oh, you totally do. You know, when you wake up and you just force with every muscles in your body. It has to do with the way your blood circulates. Your heart pumps blood outwards through arteries at high pressure. But there is no mechanism to return the blood to the heart, it returns when your muscles flex. When you sit still, blood pools in your veins. When stretch in the morning, you sometimes hear a sort of rumbling sound in your head. That is the blood being squeezed out of your arms and legs and going back into circulation. See? You’ll have something geniunely interesting to talk about on your next date with your proto-bae! Say “thanks, BlogMTL!”.

1: Opening your eyes



Seriously, if you haven’t related to this article yet and didn’t feel any need to post this to your Facebook wall or on Twitter, now’s the moment. Because if you don’t open your eyes when you wake up, you’re dead. Oh yeah, this is SO YOU! 😉

Do you have Facebook? OMG! WE DO TOO!! SO MTL!!!


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