Mountain Drug Dealers Now Accepting Bitcoin


Stop me if you’ve heard this one. You’re walking down Park Avenue, minding your own business, enjoying a bagel or smoked meat sandwich or poutine or moist towelette or another similarly MTL thing to eat, when you hear someone go ‘Hey!’.

You turn around and you see a dude running top speed at you from the top of the mountain. ‘Wanna buy some weed?’ he yells. You do! You do want to smoke that herb! But all you have on your person is Bitcoins, the fake internet money that’s popular with your generation.

Well, good news! Drug dealers on Mt. Royale now accept Bitcoins! ‘Yeah, whatever, we accept bitcoins now. I have the app on my phone. You need anything, man?’ says one man BlogMTL interviewed who chose to keep his name because he’s a dealer of illegal drugs. So invest wisely because one Bitcoin is currently worth 666 dollars (spooky!) – that’s a lot of mowie wowie, bro!


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