A interview with Biz from les Loco Locass

Finally! I get a chance to make my first article! I have decide to make a interview with one of MTL’s most popular artiste: BIZ from LES LOCO LOCASS!

Stephoue: This year, we have hear a lot about Loco Locass, radio, television and the media in general. When you release militant you there would be such an impact?


Biz: no. If recorded in Chafiik hard, we knew what we were doing was good, but it was believed that our approach was too dark to take pretentious. We thought we would be engaged by our doors to close. But the media are interested in us because we have taken the position.


Stephoue: Yes, socially, take the very “engaged”. Would you say that Loco Locass is first rappers who advocate or rather militant rap?


Biz: I do not know. A and the other tube. In essence, the report is essentially militant and activist wants to be heard more. Chafiik, Batlam and I listened to rap in 1980, and we appreciate the virtuosity of black verb, and the extent of his word. As we age, we are concerned about the city and, like all young, we were very critical of the current government. The report proved to be the ideal vehicle to share our thoughts.


Stephoue: I have hear people say many times: “The Rap, I do not like, but I like the Loco Locass again.” Where does this love comes to this kind of music? What do you think of Eminem and rap that is on the top U.S. charts think?


Biz: All three of us grew up with Public Enemy, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Ice-T, De La Soul and Cypress Hill. For my part, I have always been fascinated by the linguistic work of the rapper. Playing with words to share a message of giving back to the language all its power. For us, rap is nothing less than a new poetic genre. In 1994, and I Snöu MC Solaar Prose Combat was discovered. A real shock! Finally, it was clearly demonstrated that, without it sounds nerdy French. That’s when we wrote our first texts.


Regarding Eminem is more complex. He is a talented rapper, white (which can easily identify ti-ass white suburbs to buy the majority of rap), with a concept of the alter ego who can talk to him about what the person has lower while dédouanant from liability. The problem is that its target audience is 12 and does not take into account the shade of his dual personality, do not separate the interpreter of the word. Eminem is an actor in the theater. In addition, his shows are put on a complex scene which is based in the tradition of authenticity and truth rappers who breaks relate their personal experiences.


Stephoue: Well, in a burst of names / words / expressions. I want you to answer me, just three words, what comes to the reading in mind:

Internet: clutter, information, culture


Canada: Patriotism, centralization, USA


Bernard Landry: Finance, short fuse, Monarch


Marijuana: Buzz, Biker, Music


The economic globalization is inevitable, unfair, USA


Mc Donalds: Anti-emetic, worldwide, tastelessness


Céline Dion: see Mc Donalds


French: Quebec, Wealth, disappearance


Luc Plamondon: Sunglasses, detailed, French accent


The local music scene: shower, unknown committed,


Raymond Villeneuve: extremism, move, nuisance sovereignty


Fury: Veronica, Uncle Serge nothing


The FLQ: independence, clumsiness, radicalism


Quebecor: Peladeau, Le Devoir, TQS


Felix Leclerc: poet, Quebec, giant


Chafiik: engineering, Milk Soup, mysterious


Snöu of Batlam: intelligent, lonely, total


Biz: loudmouth, active, honest


Loco Locass: Idiot, mobile, eloquent



Ouf! That was fun!


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