What We Reveal About The Dead Obies / Mathiew Bock-Co^té Feud Will Shock You

(Source: messources.org)

(Source: messources.org)

World reknowned journalist Mathieu-Buck Côtée lashed out against Quebecois rap group Dead Obies this weekend because they use ‘franglais’. We at BlogMTL like Dead Obies because sometimes we udnerstand some of the words they use – but something that we did not understand was the journalist’s article.

(Source: ixdaily.com)

(Source: ixdaily.com)

So we decided to have our in-house translators do a thorough translation of the text so that our readers can enter the debate with informed opinions:


* I repeat here my column this morning in the Journal de Montreal.

Franglais has always existed in Quebec. But then, it was a mark of cultural and economic poverty, it is now claimed proudly served brand sophistication. Franglais is colonized refinement and won a place in the song, as evidenced by the success rather symptomatic of a group like Dead Obies.

Settled: We would have preferred to keep this term in the Museum of alienation Quebec. However, becomes relevant. No longer refers to Elvis Gratton age. But people properly, they are usually the cream of the world’s youth, and decided to speak French and English in the same sentence to let us know. Franglisant who believe in sending a signal: we are cosmopolitan.

This is perhaps the reality of cultural separation between Montreal and Quebec City. The first emerged as a distinct society against the second. Demographics also plays a role in Montreal, immigrants integrate within French Quebec Franglais. This is the dialect of the metropolis. Before yesterday, crossing Rosemont, I had to be back at the same time in Montreal and Quebec. It is increasingly rare in the sense of the island, I’m afraid.

This is obviously stilted slang defenders. We sing the creative freedom of artists, forgetting that artistic creation is not strictly individual. It feeds a culture, and feeds. But it is the result of extreme individualism that borders on cultural autism who eventually invents his own language, as if anyone could give rise to an idiom for personal use.

Common sense suggests that ridicules this way. But then I’ll be accused of linguistic purism identity talibanism or other infuriating nonsense. The simple fact that it is a numbing deculturation we win stupidity usual happy silly to be crushed: the language evolves and is appreciated. Ultimately, Franglais is not true language of Quebec?

But what is presented as a mixture of creative language is just sad creolization of language. Things are simple: each day, more and more Quebecers with difficulty speaking, to create the French, as if every time you wanted to say something important or exciting or transgressive thing was to pass in English. As if they were their own language as a prison and had come to breathe.

In fact, eating slowly the other language. English French food, eating, and not very good way. Miscegenation as French Quebec only one step in our anglicized. Returns the Dead Obies. In an interview, they have the language to motherfuckers. We do not deny. But the sad part is that they are proud.

There. You should now have plenty of ammunition to make sensible and well-researched posts all over the Internet. We love it.

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2 thoughts on “What We Reveal About The Dead Obies / Mathiew Bock-Co^té Feud Will Shock You

  1. I just want to make you guys aware that the translation you have here is actually abysmally bad and does not in any way make sense. I offer my services for free to come up with a better translation by noon tomorrow. By the way i do not agree with Bock-Côté’s position in the slightest and have already debated it extensively on FB. But you are doing yourselves a disservice by publishing a bad (probably google translate unrevised) translation. The people who translatec this obviously have little command on the english language!


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