M.T.L. is SO MTL!!!

(Source: somontreal.com)

(Source: somontreal.com)

Stéphanie, our unpaid intern at BlogMTL introduced us to M.T.L. (yes! a band called M.T.L.) saying it sounded like a blend between Blink 182 and Half Moon Run. We LOVE both these bands, so we gave it a listen. At first, when we heard it, band we thought “fuck this, it’s nothing like Half Moon Run” but St?phanie liked it alot and listened to it on her laptop speakers for about two weeks on loop.

Check it out

After two weeks of intense headaches and nausea, we think we finally love it! If you like the sweet summery vibes of classic rock radio like Sublime, Sugar Ray, Lit, Sublime, UB40, Shaggy and Sublime, you will love to chill to this by the beach (too bad beaches are not very MTL at all). It’s pretty obvious to us that MTL is SO MTL, they are almost too MTL really.

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