Everything Is Possible At MTL’s Market Des Possibles!

(Source: Pete & Vegas)

(Source: Pete & Vegas)

Do you like outdoors? PMR has a lot of them and it’s full of possibilities! The local administration, in collaboration with Pop Montreal (Montreal’s oldest pop art festival) will be launching the Possible Market this afternoon (july 11)! A Possible Market is a foreign concept imported from Coppenhagen in the Netherlands. It’s basically like an outdoor market, but it’s outside.

Basically, it’s a place where people can gather and talk, drink, eat, walk, play, sing, dance, sit, stand or look around. There will be food trucks for your needs in all sorts of delicious foods, and bands such as Socalled, Brad Barr, Mathematique and Gonzelle, all of which are local artists that are from Montreal. The event will also feature a drinkette, street foods, art, crafts and farming products. The whole thing starts at 3 PM in the afternoon today and will run until the 11 PM curfew. WE LOVE IT! (Fun fact: possible means the same thing in English and French – tres cosmopolitan!)


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