BlogMTL’s TOP 10 TOPS!!!

If you have ever been to Montreal, you know that one thing we’re good at is tops. Any montrealer will tell you that they had made their first top 10 before the age of 4 or 5. And when we can’t find 10 items to stack up in a list, we make a top 7. Here is Montreal’s Top 10 tops.


10. The top of the muffin

If you grew up in the 90’s, you’re familiar with the famous tv show “Friends”. They had an episode in which the main character, Frasier, opened a muffin top shop. Montreal loved that show because montrealers only eat muffin tops and toss the rest of the cupcake thing! Muffin tops!!!


9. High tops

They’re not shoes but they’re not boots either, so what are they? They’re high tops! Perfect when you can’t decide whether you should be dressing up or dressing down. Montrealers love high tops because they top our ankles! Go Tops!


8. Top Gun

 That was a Montreal classic back in da daze! Top Gun was a movie about Tom Cruise’s struggle as a fighter pilot fighting a depression after ruining his friendship with a great pool player near Chicago or Des Moines.


7. Top Shop



Top Shop is great because it’s a shop that only sells tops! Can anything get any Montrealier than that??? I don’t think so mister (or miss)!


6. Tube tops



 You don’t know what to wear at Tam Tams next weekend? (See our Tam Tams article) Cry no more, you Montreal fashionista! The tube top’s for you! Guys love tube tops because they make your tits look like bananas, and what’s not to like about bananas? BANANA-NATHIN’!!!!!


4. Flat tops

Rappers nowadays are all about flat tops. It’s the shizznit! So if you like rap and you want to look good for da laydiezzz on your night out at Hip Hop Café (Montreal’s bestest kept secret), get yourself a flat top!


3. Tip Top

You need a suit for your little brother’s bar mitzvah but you don’t want to look like your uncle Francine? Tip Top is a classic Montreal tailor shop that’ll get you a nice top of the line (get it??) suit for the price of a Moore’s suit. PK Subban wears Tip Top and he gets laid, so now you know.


2. ZZ Top

Before there was Arcade Fire, there was ZZ Top. That’s right! Technically, they’re not from Montreal, but Montrealers love their ZZ Top (just listen to CHOM 97.7!) and the band has a little jene sait quoi that oozes the essence of Montreal. They got it all: beards, guitars, glasses, coffee breath, cigarettes, beards, and tops. ZZ TOPS!


1. The top of the mountain

How could it be Montreal without the top of the mountain, I ask you? It’s like the song says: Every mountain has it’s top. And this one is no exception, it’s the top of the tops and we got it! Plus, it’s on the mountain and we love the mountain! TOP! (Also, check out the Tam Tams at the BOTTOM of the mountain)


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