Never know where to go when you have a dire need for partying? Wanna meet some cool folks? We got it all covered — for everyday of the week. We found all the trending spots to get funky!

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Syndrome’s Cheap as Candy Wednesdays

This is a rough and tumblr rock n roll band in a cool neighborhood. Lots of more hard-edged music for you rockers out there! You can tell this is a cool place because the DJ is an asshole. They spray booze directly in your mouth – proceed at your own risk!!!



Foufounes √Člectriques’ Ladie’s Night Thursdays

Chad was always bragging about these nights on Friday mornings at the office. We finally decided to follow him last week — boy, did we have a good time. Do you like oldies-hits like Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun, or Pixies – Where Is My Mind? At Foufs (Foufs is short for Foufounes ?lectriques), you’ll hear them every day. Fun fact: “Foufounes” means butt in french!



Miami Bar Fridays

If you’ve just had enough of the hustle and bustle of the happening clubs on the Main, come and tip back a few in this kitsch retro lounge. The owner Johnny is a riot! No one that works there speaks French, so you’ll feel right at home! The back porch holds a little secret – but you’ll have to go there to find out!



Panda Bar’s Total Cobra Saturdays

Panda Bar is very close to Montreal’s party central of Saint Denis street. It’s in a basement which makes it by far the most ”underground” bar on this list! The clientele there is very hip and young and you’ll find tasty suds to quench that thirst for partying. Tons of unknown French music, going from Les Ritas Mitsouko to Indochine (they sound both a lot like Joy Division, check them out). Who’s the owner of this place?!



Zoobizarre Loose Joints Sundays

I’m just going to put it out there: this is a weird and alternative place. First off it’s very far and you will probably never go there unless someone drags you. Second, it looks like some kind of creepy sex dungeon. It’s a pretty weird and out there place! Sometimes there are some very weird music shows with people with masks on but you should definitely experience it for yourself at least once. I think in a way this is the CBGBs of Montreal!

Green Room Mondays

We never know where to go on Mondays… But as soon as we heard about Green Room, we knew the place was gonna be really hot. The girls are hot too. They keep talking about their feelings, wich is kinda boring at first, but the more you listen, the better chances you have for a trip-for-two to the washroom. The music goes from indie rock, such as This Fire from Franz Ferdinand, to 80’s goodies, such as We Didn’t Start The Fire from Billy Joel.

(Source: Tourisme Montreal)

(Source: Tourisme Montreal)

Saphir’s We Strangled Your Cat Tuesdays
This is one downer of an evening: goths, depressing music about pain and death, a half-empty dance-floor with two or three girls that are on unnameable stuff… But empty bars mean they’re gonna go cool in two months, right? Go now so you can tell you’ve been there wayyy before¬†everyone. Or maybe the event will stop existing before people start going — it’s a gamble.


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