The 11 Architectural wonders of MTL

BlogMTL is all about design and its a good thing because Montreal is definetely a great design city! Look at its archuitecture!!! Here are the top 11 best architectural works in Montreal!


11. The Forum

Not only does this building have a great history (The Habs, Queen, the Beatles, and Les Canadiens), it also looks pretty futuristic! The colourful metal scafolding-like structures make it look like some sort of wicked space station that’s stuck on the ground! Bonus: Guido & Angelina’s is a great authentic italian restaurant that you absolutely need to try right now if you haven’t already!


10. Belair Direct headquarters in Anjou

That building is nuts! It’s covered in glass panels, but not just ordinary downtown boring glass panels… GOLD PLATED GLASS PANELS! We dare you to stare at it in the sunset light! It looks like it’s on fire and like Anjou is the Hellmouth, which would make Anjou Montreal’s Sunnydale!


9. Clyde’s


Clyde’s is a great bar to hang out with your beer pong buddies. But it’s also an architectural gem! It’s sort of a barn stuck in an old French fourth empire victorian building. Definetely worth the trip to Chad’s parents house who live close-by.


8. Sir George Simpson Residence, 1485 Sherbrooke St. West

When tourists say that Montreal has une jeune sais qoui that makes it half european, half not european, it’s in great part because of this building. It’s brand new but it looks like it was was designed in the classicistic era of architecture! It’s got beautiful colonades and cornices that make it’s neighbor (that was actually built in the neoclassicistical area) look like a turd. I’m definetely buying a condo there someday with all that blog money!


7. Lower Canada College

My cousin Josh went to high school at LCC (LCC is short for Lower canada College) and he always had the best stories to tell us when he came back home at christmas. The building is amazing!


6. Oratory St. Joseph

That church is MASSIVE!!1!


5. Theatre Ritalo

This is a Mile End gem right there, in the middle of PMR! It’s got frescos and details and shit! Italian design is cool, but when it’s old, it’s super cool. And that building is old. I haven’t been able to verify, but someone told me that it was at least 200 years old. I’ll settle for 150.


4. Chad’s parents house on Lakeshore drive in Ste. Ann de Bellvue

OK, so that’s not exactly a building that everyone knows, but it’s a crazy old cool house that’s SO MONTREAL! Plus, we’ve had the most EPIC parties there when Chad’s parents were on vacation two years ago!


3. Laurier BBQ

This is an OLD place. It was built when the french were still in New France back in the days. They’ve been serving barbecue chicken since forever because the french soldiers loved it so much. Eventually, St-Hubert came along and stole their thunder, but the yellow chicken franchise never managed to steal the edge that Laurier BBQ had over them: their magnificient OLD SCHOOL French looking farm house-like building. It’s closed now, but apparently Guy Fieri is planning on opening something there soon. Can’t wait!


2. Toronto City Hall

OK, so this one’s actually in T.O. but it’s SO MTL! We love it!!!


1. McGill university

It’s just so beautiful and that’s where you’re most likely to spend your time in Montreal anyway (even if you don’t go there), so why not appreciate the magnificence of it’s acrhitecture? These old buildings have class and nobility, plus they are made of stone, which is an important architectural criteria. Apart from that, the symbolic importance of this institution is important because that’s where most of the intellectual elite of this city went to school. McGill uni is SO MONTREAL!


One thought on “The 11 Architectural wonders of MTL

  1. Too late, guys! The Guido and Angelina at the Forum closed a few years ago. Not much left in there besides the cinema, the SAQ, and a bunch of black curtains. Still a great place to buy booze, mostly because there isn’t any other nearby.


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