Creative Montrealer Revolutionizes Panini Game



Montreal is bursting with creative individuals! Indeed, a man named Gaétan Bergeron has invented a contraction that will revitalize the pressed ‘wich game! BBQ Panini is an ingenius way to make paninis directly on your BBQ.

Indeed, BBQ Panini fits riht over your BBQ so you can use the mighty power of the outdoors to make a perfect panini every time. Why spend 40$ on a Georges Foreman grill that plugs directly into the wall (awkward – where will your phone charger go?!) when you can spend over twice that on a thing that you can only use if you own a BBQ? Bring the taste of traditional Louisiana BBQ to your backyard!

Say goodbye to expensive custom café paninis! Fuck you, Joe’s Panini – we’re taking our five bucks elsewhere! BBQ Panini is here to stay and is so, so, so MTL. Visit BBQ Panini to order one now.


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