Street Art: artist “Zïlon” makes quite the impression on the PMR

So Chad was walking in the streets of the PMR (“PMR” is short for Plateau Mount Royal) when he noticed this, on the corner of Mary-Ann and Saint-Dominique streets.

Source: Chad's iPhone

Source: Chad’s iPhone

He was floored, to say the least.

Zïlon was born in 1954, making him 60 years old, and started making graffitis in the early 80’s. He never, ever, ever stopped and developped quite a unique style, as you can see. We have a feeling he likes androgynous faces alot — and BlogMTL loves it! It’s so MTL! His unique style is a blend of graffiti and cyberpunk-attitude and art.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

In this piece of art, he brought to life an abandoned building and gave it the most beautiful blend of colors and lines. He wrote “No entry” wich is probably representation of how closed-minded society is. He also wrote “All Night Peep Show”, probably to represent the perversive mind of society and how taboo it is. We, at BlogMTL really love this perception breaking, mind bending ouvre d’art.



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