Wow! Redditor to Propose To Girlfriend In Montreal



Reddit user u/porkspork has a wild and crazy idea: he’s going to ask his girlfriend to marry him… in Montreal! He has taken to the Internet to find a space to do it, but we at BlogMTL thought we would try to help a man in need! There are so many picturesque locales in Montreal! How would you propose?!


Answer in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Wow! Redditor to Propose To Girlfriend In Montreal

  1. As an American who lived in Montreal for two years I think I am the authority on unique coolness. So I will share with your readers the best place to propose, but ONLY if we agree to keep it a hidden gem. 😉

    If you are looking for an off the beaten path locale, you should definitely propose in Old Montreal. Not many tourists go here, so you have the place to yourself. There’s a cathedral there called Notre-Dame that is totally vintage. I don’t think people even know it exists, but boy will your honey be surprised!

    PROTIP: For an even more memorable experience, do this in the summer, especially in June.


  2. its such a crazy idea to propse in this day and age!!!!!! with so many marriages ending in divorce. but i have so much respect for ALL people who choose this path in their life and wish them nothing but the best luck in the future that their marriage will last forever and they will grow old. propose at moishe’s


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