Plateau’s iconic Vincent Sous-Marin to reopen at it’s previous location

Remember them subs?

Word is out! Laurier street’s oddly-shaped orange roof is coming back home! After several complaints from residents who also signed several petitions, Plateau’s loved Mr. Luc Ferrandez finally agreed: they will take down the building, containing the SAQ, Starbucks and condos. 

Our source confides that Mr. Ferrandez said “Plateaunians have spoken, I listened. The people of Laurier don’t want wine and coffee, nor do they want luxurious estates. They want subs and steam-dogs. I always listen to my people, and that is why my people love me”.

We’re not the only ones to be psyched about this grand reopening, we stopped tons of people on the street to ask them how they felt about this. One man, Vincent (probably the owner), said “Yes, sir!”



Sources: Chad


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