10 spots fresh-out the oven for you to enjoy MTL local bread!

Are you hungry? One thing that Montreal definetely gets right is its bread! Here are the 10 best places to grab your loafs and get glutenny with it!



  • 10
    Provigo (Mont-Royal/St-Urbain):That’s one big grocery store with lots of bread in the bread department, perfect when you’re on your way to Tam Tams (see Tam Tams article).



  • 9
     4 Frères (St-Laurent/Des Pins): You’re out drinking in the best bars in town and you suddenly get hungry? No worries and no need to line up to a sleazy pizza joint because 4 Frères has got you covered… in bread!



  • 8. 4 Frères (Parc/St-Viateur): I think they’re related to the other 4 Frères (frères means “brothers” in french, by the way… pardon my french!). Anyway, if you ever get tired of bagels, 4 Frères has got you covered again… IN BREAD!



  • 7 P.A. (Parc/Fairmount): With their brand new location, the notorious P.A. has even more bread to offer. All sorts of breads for sandwiches, toasts, wine & cheese parties, soup, or simply just sandwiches again.


  • 6. P.A. (Du Fort): Now, I know that these two are definetely related, so that’s covered. That other P.A. location has all sorts of good old fashioned and not so old fashioned bread for all the Concordia students and a few Dawson students too.



  • 55 Saisons (Green avenue): Westmount is lucky. They have this little gem called 5 Saisons (which means 5 Seasons in french). It’s a place where you can find some really upscale breads for all your needs.


  • 4
    5 Saisons (Bernard)
    : Outremont also has its very own 5 Saisons! And they pretty much have the same bread selection, which is good because there’s a mountain between the two locations!


  • 3 IGA (Place Dupuis): UQAM students need to get their loafs too. The IGA at Place Dupuis is probably one of Montreal’s best kept secrets! They got bread, bread, bread and bread again!


  • 2
    Super C (near Atwater market)
    : So you’re shopping at the Atwater market and you start to wonder “Geez! I was about to forget the bread!” Worry no more and cross the street to Super C! You feel your knees buckling? That’s just Super C’s magic working it’s wonders on you. By the way, Super C is short for Super Carnaval, which means Super Carnival in french!



  • 1
    source: the author

    source: the author

    Any dépanneur will do! That’s right, deps (short for dépanneur) carry all sorts of delicious breads! (dépanneur means tow truck in french)

5 thoughts on “10 spots fresh-out the oven for you to enjoy MTL local bread!

  1. I work right near the place dupuis iga and i think they are rated far too low they have an unbelievable number of bread typical mile ex bias v good article though thx!


  2. You might wanna get a new picture of 5 Saisons. The picture you used was the old 5 Seasons before they tore it down and built million dollar condos above it. Now if you have the dough, you can get an over priced condo that is an elevator ride away from some great bread !!!


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